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In this episode, #1 Bestselling Author and Highly Acclaimed business & Entrepreneur Expert, Mel Abraham, about how you can engage your audience or market so that you excel in your presence out there and build a following that is going to champion you. If we don’t get this right we are going to feel deserted, it leads to feeling ignored and there is no growth. But if you get it right, there is a crowd and it is populated, you will enter into conversations and ultimately it becomes a stampede as they want to be a part of the community.

The 3 principles that you need to know to building engagement with your market:

  1. Speak to their desires. Understand their dreams and aspirations.
  2. Get their commitment to do something.
  3. Decision is simply the catalyst. Only a few them are immovable.
The Engagement Elevator

This framework helps us to understand the following 3 pillars of engagement:

  1. Heart: It is about incorporating the emotional side. It may be a story, a statement or something that grabs them emotionally first. It’s a ‘why’ statement.
  2. Head: It is about engaging their rational thought process. Your communication with them should speak to the logical part of their mind.
  3. Hands: It is behavioral. Get them to do something. Get them to make a movement or take an action. It is how you get results.

Dealing with the head and hands together, you have given them the logic and the action items. It is how you get your audience to take a Decision.

If you get the head and heart together, you speak to their logical and emotional side. That is how you incorporate their Aspiration.

When you incorporate their heart and hands, their decisions are driven more by heart and less by logic. That is how you create a Mission.

All this leads to generating Engagement with your audience and marketplace.



Mel is the founder of BusinessBreakthrough Academy and Thoughtpreneur Academy where he helpsentrepreneurs bring their businesses to the world and build thelifestyle that they want. Mel is one the most sought afterentrepreneurial mentor and strategic thinkers of our time. Unlikemany other so called “business coaches”, Mel has lived everythinghe teaches and continues to do so. Mel has built, bought and soldnumerous multimillion-dollar businesses for himself as well as hisclients. As the author of The Entrepreneur’s Solution: The ModernMillionaire’s Path to More Profit, Fans & Freedom Entrepreneur,Mel’s strategies have helped build thousands of businesses and havegenerated hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients, rangingfrom large corporations to startups and small family-ownedbusinesses.

Mel is a true believer in theentrepreneurial way of life and says that this “new frontier” isthe paradigm that will shift society from simply existing to livinglife bigger, bolder and on their own terms.

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