Lisa Erlandsen on the Magic of Thrive


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Lisa Erlandsen is a Licensed Thrive Consultant for The Thrive Programme ( based in Bournemouth (Dorset) as well as seeing clients remotely via online sessions. She helps people to overcome the issues that are holding them back in life - whether that’s drinking, smoking, phobias and fears, depression or anxiety, or even just feeling lost in life - and to build a life they love again where they are thriving! She has been alcohol free for nearly two and a half years, and is keen to raise awareness of alcohol-related issues, including fundraising through her Year of Fear for charities Alcohol Change UK and Action on Addiction. Before working as a Thrive Consultant, Lisa had a successful career for many years in the political field, both nationally in Westminster and locally in Bournemouth, as well as working in PR and lobbying. In this episode we learn about Lisa's struggles with alcohol, what worked, and what didn't work, her experience with Emetophobia, dealing with anxiety and social issues, her year of living through her fears, and her experiences as a Thrive consultant. The Truth About Alcohol We Are Not Alcoholics, And we Refuse to be Anonymous Join Us & Our Community TTAA Taster: TTAA Intensive: Strive Community:

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