Easiest Ways To Take Your Film To Market w/ Tom Malloy


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Tom Malloy wrote, produced and acted in The Alphabet Killer, a psychological thriller starring Eliza Dushku, and The Attic, a thriller directed by Mary Lambert. Malloy has acted in other films, including Gravesend, and on television shows including Law & Order, Third Watch and Kidnapped. He wrote the book Bankroll: A New Approach To Financing Feature Films in 2009. In 2013, Malloy partnered with LA based independent film producer Jason Brubaker to create The Film Finance Guide. Tom is also starring with Comedian Scott Baker in the AMAZON improv cop comedy MIDTOWN (initially premiering at the LA Comedy Festival, the show is now in its 2nd season with 70,000 average views/month). This show is sponsored by Experiment 27. Get the discovery call script & questions template HERE. In this episode you'll learn:
  • [01:47] How did Tom get a show on Amazon
  • [03:40] Different Amazon Prime shows
  • [05:10] Is it a big deal to have a show on Amazon
  • [07:50] How to pick which films to bid on
  • [09:40] What making a distribution deal means
  • [12:40] How to choose investments
  • [16:40] How to take films to market
  • [20:00] Initial offers differ
  • [22:10] Easiest ways to sell films
  • [26:00] What is Tom looking for in movies
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