Emmy Nominated Writer of "Tin Man" on Why He Became a Consultant w/ Craig W. Van Sickle


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Craig W. Van Sickle, Emmy Award nominated writer and producer of Tin Man, 24, NCIS and Star Wars Clone Wars, the highest rated miniseries in the history of the Syfy Channel; Co-Creator/Executive Producer of the hit cult classic TV show The Pretender; Novelist; Graphic Novelist; Guest Speaker and lover of all things TV and Film. Craig has written, produced and/or directed over 200 hours of entertainment programming, including feature films, TV movies, and has worked on series as varied as 24, NCIS, Medical Investigation, Alien Nation, Star Wars Clone Wars and many more. This show is sponsored by Experiment 27. Get the discovery call script & questions template HERE. In this episode you'll learn:
  • [01:40] Why Tin Man was such a hit
  • [05:10] How to create a project that lasts
  • [11:18] What is Craig focusing on these days
  • [12:47] Why isn't Craig running a show right now
  • [15:00] Craig never did an indie project
  • [16:48] Why Craig became a coach
  • [24:35] What got Craig to start
  • [29:20] How to get feedback when you start
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