Flipping Luxury Watches Done Right w/ Christian Zeron


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Christian is the founder, Director, and curator of Theo & Harris. Since launching in 2013 as a Seton Hall Sophomore, Christian has led his company to a top position in its retail market, hosted nearly 800 episodes on YouTube and worked tirelessly to pioneer the vintage watch renaissance. New Jersey born and bred, you'll find Christian with family, friends and a great watch, Cutty Sark in hand.

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In this episode you'll learn: [2:00] How long did it take for YouTube to generate sales for Theo & Harris? [4:40] Why Rolex is the king of watches? [6:22] How does a Company stay consistent in quality for that long? [8:40] How’d Christian decide to resell watches instead of creating his own brand? [10:40] Theo & Harris’ Business model [12:55] How would an average person sell a Vintage Rolex? [16:50] The mindset behind selling a luxury watch to a buyer [19:05] How often do people try to sell fake watches? [23:50] How to separate yourself in a competitive market?

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