From being a Rapper to Selling Online Courses w/ Tom Libelt


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Tom Libelt is a serial entrepreneur with a background in documentary filmmaking and the music industry. Tom specializes in SEO for small businesses/influencers and marketing online courses at with his partner Till Carlos. He is also the founder of the Smart Brand Marketing Podcast where he and his guests share their knowledge and expertise on how you can grow your business online.

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In this episode you'll learn:

[1:10] How’d Tom go from being a rapper to selling online courses [5:15] ‘You can get your cake and still have it’ [5:55] The difference between the Hip-hop market then and now [6:40] The framework for creating an online course [8:00] What is the only reason people will pay for your course [11:10] ‘It’s more like a transformation that you can assign a value to’ [12:20] What are the top channels for promoting an online course [13:25] What are you looking for in a partner [17:30] What are Tom’s priorities in life right now

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