From Being Unemployed to Generating over $500 Grand in a Year w/ Jack Randall


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Jack Randall worked in a warehouse as an employee for The Home Depot back in 2017, then he got in a car wreck which led to him quitting that job. While he was out of work, he started his entrepreneurial journey, and eventually started SocialFlight, an Instagram growth company servicing businesses, brands, and influencers. SocialFlight has grown into a larger agency with over 700 clients now and they’ve recently hit $500,000 / year in revenue. Moving forward, He'd like to take SocialFlight to 7 figures this year and continue pushing forward.

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In this episode you'll learn:

[2:11] What is SocialFlight? [2:50] What was the Initial Marketing Strategy at SocialFlight [5:28] The next step after getting the first 30 clients [6:20] How’d Jack build the software initially? [7:50] The Main growth channel for SocialFlight [9:10] How to do Paid Advertising for better conversion? [11:25] Keyword Research for Google Ads [12:48] The First Hires at SocialFlight [14:01] Automation strategy to minimize the workload [16:05] How to make sure that Growth and Value provided are consistent? [17:00] Jack’s Strategy going forward with SocialFlight [18:28] The Limit to Google Ads

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