How Dean Cunningham Consistently Takes Companies To $100m+ in Revenue and IPO


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Dean Cunningham is the CEO and Chairman of Micofin Holdings Limited. Micofin is a holding company focused on the mineral and resources sector. They specialise in advisory, research and fund services. This show is sponsored by Experiment 27. Get the discovery call script & questions template HERE. In this episode you'll learn:
  • [00:40] Dean helps companies go public
  • [01:39] How Dean identifies a company he can help
  • [03:40] Advantage of having a holding company
  • [05:15] How Dean optimizes mining companies
  • [11:17] CEO should be in business 5 to 7 years
  • [13:10] How Dean sells himself
  • [18:25] There is no need for a satellite team
  • [21:08] Having autonomy is crucial
  • [23:55] How will Dean find his next client
  • [27:50] Long term strategy for mining
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