How to Discover Your Style & Become a Full-time Artist w/ Gary Paintin


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Gary Paintin is an artist and graphic designer based out of Northern California. His artwork has a unique style utilizing heavy lines and minimalism. He has done branding work with Bleep Bloop bass, Getter, Trippy burger, just to name a few.

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In this episode you'll learn:

  • [1:09] How Gary developed his art style
  • [3:57] How to approach your career as a full-time artist
  • [7:15] Where does he sell his apparel
  • [8:30] Gary’s business model for apparel production
  • [10:44] How does he know what art to release and what not to
  • [13:21] How Gary got involved with DJ clients
  • [15:55] Why he didn’t showcase in Art Galleries and what he did instead
  • [18:25] Where does he see himself going
  • [19:50] Big brands doing collabs with artists
  • [23:24] Classical artists that Gary is drawn to

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