How to Sell to Doctors w/ Dr. Corey Corpodian


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Dr. Corey Corpodian is the founder and host of Unleash Success. Corey is a dynamic, high impact up and coming motivational speaker who has given keynotes for personal development seminars, businesses, and even the US Marines. Other than being an awesome speaker that you guys should listen to, he’s also a working Orthodontist. In this episode, I ask Corey the same question that my audience has been asking me for so long - What’s the best way to sell to the Medical Profession?

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In this episode you'll learn: [1:20] Cold Email is not the best way to reach Doctor [3:00] The Cliche medical sales process [4:40] What’s the best process for selling to Corey [7:07] What if the product is less quality dependent? [7:58] The first person in the chain to approach [11:11] The most common bribe is… [13:40] How to know the better way to pitch the doctors with [15:45] Can you cold call first before walking into the doctor’s office? [16:40] What is the value-ladder of services in a doctor’s practice [17:26] What’s the percentage of patients that are cash vs insurance? [18:38] What sort of retainers work better when selling marketing services to doctors? [19:48] How’d you approach selling web design for dentists?

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