How to Start a Successful, Conscious-Driven Business w J V Crum III


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J V Crum III became a self-made Entrepreneur-Millionaire in his 20s. Now he devotes himself to helping others find their dream by growing a business that combines making profits with creating an important difference for their customers and the world. JV hosts a show called, Conscious Millionaire, and he also is a business coach. His goal is to help you create a business that affords you true financial freedom in life that provides you that deep fulfilment that you seek.

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In this episode you'll learn:

[3:11] What it means to make a million dollars in your 20s What it means to exit at 40 [5:15] Is there guilt of not delivering enough value in the past? [7:14] Have you ever felt a strong push against the person that you used to be? [12:58] What do you mean by “Doing something that really matters”? [16:54] What was that business that JV hated during his exit? [20:26] The biggest tragedy of life? [21:03] What advice would you give to your past self? [26:14] “Living in the zone” [31:31] The two reasons for becoming famous

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