Starting from Nada and Becoming a True Life Hero w/ Magie Cook


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Magie Cook was born in an orphanage in Mexico. She grew up in a very difficult environment along with 68 brothers and sisters. She entered a Fresh Salsa competition for the State of West Virginia and won unanimously. At that event, a man gave her $800 to start her business. Not knowing anything about business and with perseverance, she created Maggie’s All Natural Fresh Salsa’s & Dips, a company that grew into a multi-million dollar business within 4 years and distributed products across 38 states to major supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Whole Foods, and many more. At the height of its success in 2015, Maggie’s Salsa sold to Campbell’s Soup. Shortly after, Magie went back to Mexico and rescued 31 orphaned children from a Drug cartel.

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In this episode you'll learn:

[1:30] How’d Magie grow her company with zero marketing budget? [2:47] The initial hustle of getting the product into stores [6:30] How actually going for the big stores kickstarted Magie’s company [10:10] The next step after getting into Whole Foods [13:18] Why didn’t Magie sell her products online? [14:19] What’d the double acquisition look like for Magie’s company? [17:13] How’d Magie find the company that bought Magie’s salsas [19:00] The Rescuing of orphans from a drug cartel in Mexico [25:15] Other philanthropic activities Magie was involved in

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