Story behind the conception of a DIY Skate zine w/ Benji Osias


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Benji Osias started skating when he was 10, got hooked and been doing it ever since. Raised on skate videos and magazines, sci-fi books, classic rock, and metal music. Studied Earth & Planetary Sciences in college. He's a big fan of camping, whiskey, and The Farside cartoons. Started making the Filthy Ditch Crew zine towards the end of 2015, started off as a little side project to keep in touch with all the homies and try to do something creative. He's made 6 issues so far that can be found at

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In this episode you'll learn:

[1:56] What is Filthy Ditch & How did it come into play [4:04] What made Benji go for a print magazine rather than going Digital [10:36] How’d he get the zine into the stores [12:45] ‘The Raw skate zines are disappearing’ [13:29] How’d Benji pitch the store owners [15:15] The creative process of making an issue [18:15] What is the production cost per magazine

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