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This week’s podcast is going to be a little bit different. I was recently on the Hardy Haberland Show, and I wanted to publish this Interview here because we talk a lot of stuff that we haven't gotten around to tackle much on the podcast or on the YouTube Channel. Other than the standard B2B Cold Email stuff, we actually talk about where we are as a fashion company with Wohello, how’s my upcoming movie coming along.

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In this episode you'll learn:

[1:35] My Time at Dom & Tom and how Experiment 27 got started. [3:02] Cold email is not just about personalizing and following up [6:11] The biggest Cold Email Mistake [10:05] The Research on PS Line [10:42] How to be consistent on Lead Generation? [13:00] The biggest lesson for the discovery call [14:58] The Sales presentation system at X27 [16:31] What businesses are doing wrong when sending proposals? [17:30] How do you shorten the Sales Cycle? [21:41] What tools are used by the X27 team? [23:15] How I got into filmmaking [25:18] Movie business is not all about who you know [26:12] My number 1 advice for anyone wanting to get into the movie business [27:05] Advice for aspiring Directors [29:50] The dawn of Wohello [32:35] What I've learned about scaling a team [34:02] The most exciting thing that I've learned in the past year

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