Ep. 15 - Get More Buy-in By Connecting Alignment With Business Strategy w/ Maggie Safro


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This episode I speak with Maggie Safro, CEO of Meres Consult located in London. She is an author, speaker, advisor and consultant that focuses on transformation, business growth, and peak performance. Maggie has significant cross-industry experience with a special interest in high-growth B2B tech companies embarking on ambitious growth strategies and digital transformation. Her more recent work with world class advisory, research, and consulting firms like Gartner and WPP has led her to partnering on numerous strategic sales/marketing growth programs. What you'll learn from our conversation: >> Importance of tying alignment efforts to corporate strategy to get better CEO and stakeholder buy-in >> Most relevant KPIs to focus on for an aligned revenue growth effort >> Alignment must start with decoding the buyer’s journey using insights from both Sales and Marketing >> The #1 question the CEO should be asking every head of Sales and Marketing Music/Production: Chris "KID" Robinson, Hitmakuzz Productions

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