Ep. 16 - Leverage Transparency To Shorten Sales Cycles w/ Todd Caponi


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This episode I speak with Todd Caponi, Author of “The Transparency Sale” and Principal at Sales Melon. Todd pulls from his vast experiences as a sales leader at companies like Power Reviews and Exact Target (Salesforce) to help modern sellers understand the importance of transparency in closing more deals with customers. What you'll learn from our conversation: >> Showing what your product is not good at can actually help you increase trust and shorten the sales cycle >> The Review Economy’s influence on how b2b buyers make decisions today >> The importance of knowing the content about your product on 3rd-party websites >> Buyers are not good at assessing their own pain and need sellers to act as personal trainers to help them find their true business issues Music/Production: Chris "KID" Robinson, Hitmakuzz Productions

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