The All Lounge Experience(T.A.L.E)#019 Mixed By Spike Deep(Mumbai Feeling)


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a good day/Evening perhaps morning somewhere out there in the world well its a Sunday of course & i wanted to share this 1 of a kind episode with you titled "Mumbai Feeling" the reason i gave this title its because of the sounds with an Indian feeling sort of thing well it really feels & sounds like the Mumbai way but further into the mix i slightly take things in a Nu-jazzy style hope you enjoy

Tracklist(Mumbai Feeling)

1. King Britt - 13(Intro)
3.Lemongrass-cafe de paris
5.The Diventa Project-Angel dust
7.Shaya - Spirit Of The Age
9.Kaya Project-Quanto Tiempo
10.Gabin - Doo Uap, Doo Uap, Doo Uap
11.Plaid(feat. Björk)-Lilith
12. Unknown Artist-Foto Viva
13.Alex Gopher- You, My Baby & I

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