Ep 118: Mashed on Potatoes


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Welcome to episode 118 of The All Seeing Guys with Greg & Joe.

Following a story, Joe tells about accidentally elbowing a woman in the head on a train whilst using his phone, Greg shares the unusual position he has adopted while playing the PlayStation.

We dive into a couple of odd news stories such as East 17’s Brian Harveys outburst at the Job Centre. There’s a Flat Earth story to trigger and Joe & £1m worth of sex toys stolen from a truck.

Off the back of the ‘IQ Test’ we failed at last episode Joe decided to bring a lighter quiz to the table, to find out which Sex & City character Greg is... I think it was harder than the IQ quiz.

We also talk about our new upcoming Dicerollers EP & play the episode out with our new first track in a few years, The Ride.

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