Ep 139: I Called Things off With Ray & Used Sage to Keep Him at Bay


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Welcome to episode 139 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg & Joe. We talk over the Skype waves about our new lives in this age of Covid, such as new jobs & Zoom interviews vs in-person interviews. We have Geezdrops all sent in by you. We get sidetracked a lot, as we’ve both got quite a buzz on & have a lot of fun on this episode. Amethyst Realms is back and her wedding to her ghost lover, Ray, has hit a few issues, such as Ray partying too much with his spirit crew. We talk the world record for w*nking, Iceland supermarket sends a chicken nugget into space and a football stadium gets a new name but not the one the fans voted for. A real fun episode where we laugh ourselves silly. Enjoy

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