Ep 144: The Taint Modern


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Welcome to episode 144 The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. It’s our first time recording since before Christmas and the first episode of 2021, so we have lots to catch up on.

Greg finishes his job as a Covid Tester and wishes the rest of his team well, Joe made a spontaneous purchase to treat himself and the guys talk about guesting on the Anywhere But Here Podcast before jumping into Geezedropping.

We smash through some leftover odd ‘news articles’ from 2020 to clear the slate for 2021, talking about the Spam & Oreo burger, the Bodybuilder who finally marries his sex doll, a lady who marries a briefcase, and celebrities who got normal jobs. We briefly look at the celebrity death list for 2020 but it didn’t feel right this year so cut it short, yes, we do have hearts, we’re just as surprised as you.

All this and much more, It’s a really fun episode

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