Ep. 43: Marc Stoiber - Authenticity, Future-Proofing and Brands in the Post Mad Men Era

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What is your brand? If you are into marketing, media or are and entrepreneur or business owner, you are going to love this week’s episode. If you aren’t, I think you will still love it, perhaps even more. You might even think “brand? I don’t think that way, I’m not a brand”. As you will soon find out from my guest, another way of asking the same question might be “what is your purpose?” or “what is your story?”.

Meet brand strategist, entrepreneur and author Marc Stoiber. Marc works with clients to future-proof their brands. His book caught my eye – Didn’t See It Coming explores advertising and brands following the implosion of the Mad Men era and the rise of social media and sustainability. Marc got his start in advertising towards the end of this era when as he puts it, it was about product differentiation through “smoke and mirrors.”

The reality now is very different. There is a lot of content and indeed noise about products and brands and it means that authenticity and sustainability are more important than ever. Marc and I have a fabulous conversation that covers:

  • Branding and its origins;
  • The Mad Men era of advertising and its demise;
  • Purpose, meaning and authenticity in brands;
  • Sustainability and green businesses;
  • Patagonia as an example of an authentic brand;
  • Social media and its impact on advertising and branding;
  • Trust (or lack thereof) in major corporates;
  • The Gig Economy;
  • Millennials;
  • loads more!

Show notes:

Marc’s website – https://www.marcstoiber.com/;

Marc on Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcstoiber/

Marc on Twitter – https://twitter.com/marcstoiber

Marc on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MarcStoiber/

Marc’s book Didn’t See It Coming


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The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell

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