Ep. 45: Gleb Tsipursky - How to Find Your Purpose Using Science


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Having meaning and purpose in our lives is vital. This not only makes us happier, but it also makes us more resilient. An organisation with a very strong sense of purpose is better able to withstand headwinds and any crises that may arise. Similarly, we as individuals become more resilient in the face of uncertainty if we can connect our activities to a deeper sense of purpose.

What do we do however, when we don’t know what that purpose is? How do we find meaning when it seems elusive?

Meet this week’s guest, Gleb Tsipursky. Gleb is a scholar (he is a professor at Ohio State University in the USA in history and decision sciences). However, he isn’t an academic that has permanently set up shop in the ivory tower. He is also an entrepreneur, author, speaker and activist. He has written a book entitled Find Your Purpose Using Science.

We get into a number of the strategies and practices in the book. These are science-backed ways that can help us develop our sense of purpose. However, there is more to Gleb than this and we also get into some other very interesting areas including:

  • “Socialist Fun” in the Former Soviet Union - Gleb was born in Moldova and did a piece of research around leisure in the USSR;
  • Decision-making – This is another area where Gleb has done research and has some great insights – and it is also a favourite topic on All Things Risk. You can even get a free copy of his decision-making tip sheet (see below);
  • Post-truth politics – Gleb started something called the Rational Politics Project as part of his NGO Intentional Insights.

I am hugely appreciative of Gleb joining me for this great episode of All Things Risk!

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