Ep. 62: Tonya Recla - Play, Fear, and Super Powers


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This is an episode about play, fear, power, and in fact “super powers”. My guest is Tonya Recla. Tonya is a former US counter-intelligence agent. She and her husband own a company that specialises in online reputation and risk management. She is also the Executive Director of something called “Super Power Experts” which helps people achieve enlightened self-actualisation. This involves helping people develop things that one might as “intuitive abilities.”

I have to admit, I have some cognitive dissonance around some of these concepts, as you’ll hear. One the one hand, I strongly believe in being open to possibilities and embracing uncertainty while on the other, being wary of things not backed by science. One thing is clear however, and that is that Tonya has a great way of helping people become more open to possibilities they did not know existed, and making them aware of power they did not know they had. She’s also very engaging and was a pleasure to have her on as a guest of the show.

We had a great conversation covering:

  • Tonya’s background and becoming a counter-intelligence agent;
  • The concept of “super powers” and why Tonya believes anyone can develop them;
  • The limitations of a Newtonian world;
  • Managing risk and uncertainty;
  • Power and recovering from sexual assault;
  • Play and possibilities;
  • Loads more!

Show notes:

Super Power Experts

Tonya’s Power Up Podcast

Tonya on Twitter

The Men Who Stare at Goats


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