Ep. 65 : Mark Hannaford - Medicine and More at the Extremes


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Our latest episode is about the beauty and value of extremes. Extremes are fascinating. We face uncertainty at extremes, and we learn and discover at extremes. My guest today is all about that. Mark Hannaford is an entrepreneur, adventurer, and a veteran of many expeditions. He is the founder of World Extreme Medicine and Across the Divide. He is also the co-founder of the World Extreme Medicine Conference, taking place in a few weeks in Scotland.

Mark has been involved with numerous adventures and expeditions all over the world covering deserts, jungles, mountains and just about any other type of terrain. His company Across the Divide supports expeditions for a variety of organisations including the popular television show Survivor.

Along the way, Mark identified an acute need – how to provide medical support in these types of environments so that they can be successful. This led to his founding of World Extreme Medicine and we get into all of that.

However, this is a conversation about more than this. It is human nature to explore and learn at the edges of what is possible. Much of Marks’s work has involved bringing together scientists and practitioners to share insights and practices. We get into all of this and more in a conversation that covers:

  • Medical support in extreme environments;
  • Motivations of people who risk their lives to help others in these circumstances;
  • Decision-making and mental strength in extreme conditions;
  • The importance of caring for others;
  • The medical profession;
  • Different types of extreme environments including outer space;
  • Loads more!

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The World Extreme Medicine Conference

Across the Divide

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