Episode 76 - Daniel Friedman


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Daniel Friedman is a comedian, musician, and writer who you probably know better as Deep Fried Man. Daniel has worn many hats in his career and we take them all off to uncover a career originally built on a love of music. After almost making it as a musician a couple of times, Daniel turned to comedy. He soon found himself skyrocketing to success on this new path but it came with unforeseen hurdles. On this episode of The Almost Perfect Podcast, we get into whether or not Deep Fried Man is dead, we find out what it's like to be "cancelled" by SA's right-wingers, and we talk a LOT about music. We learn about Daniel's early days at JHB Live and the final days of SL magazine before getting into the many times Daniel has drawn the ire of powerful people with his words. There are a lot of lessons and laughs in this one. Enjoy.

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