Episode 158: Cognitive Mastery First, Energy Mechanics Second


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As we all know, suffering is a part of life. But, brothers, today I’m going to tell you something that you may not know; this is not the way it has to be, we didn’t come here to suffer and we’re not meant to suffer. Suffering is a beta state, and it arises because of one thing and one thing only; misalignment. When we’re fully aligned and living in our alpha state, we end our suffering.

The purpose behind my work is to help you end your suffering by directing you towards elevating into your alpha state. To do this, brothers, you have to detach from your thoughts, because your thoughts are what are holding you back and causing the misalignment which, in turn, causes your suffering. The foundation upon which I build my teachings lies in the Four Noble Truths; one, that life is suffering and will remain so as long as one refuses to recognize its own nature, two; this suffering has a cause, three; this suffering has an end, four, we can know the end of suffering in our lifetime by following a path.

Brothers, the path is to develop cognitive mastery, and that path is within your reach. You deserve a life free of suffering and I know that you can get there. It may seem like you have to make massive changes, but really, it’s just about getting out of your own way!

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