TAS 647: HUGE Amazon Updates for SELLERS


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Did you know that there have been three significant updates from Amazon recently? It’s true! If you find yourself wondering what you missed or why these updates are important for you and your ecommerce business, you’ve come to the right place! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott and Chris as they discuss Amazon Live, Amazon’s Voice of the Customer (VOC), the value of good customer service, the “Portfolios” addition to Amazon PPC, and much more. Make sure to have pen and paper ready; you don’t want to miss a minute of this helpful and informative episode!

Amazon LIVE

Have you checked out Amazon’s new Live feature? Are you wondering if it is similar to Facebook Live and other tools? According to Amazon, there are three main reasons why you should consider getting your brand featured on the service.

  • Drive sales. During your livestream, shoppers can purchase your featured products in the carousel displayed next to your stream.
  • Interact with viewers. Chat and interact directly with shoppers as they watch your livestream.
  • Be discovered. Reach more shoppers on Amazon.com and build your brand through interactive livestreams.

To find out if it is a good idea to get your brand featured on Amazon Live, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Amazon VOC

What if there was a way to get a more accurate idea of what customers think of your products beyond the review they post? Amazon is rolling out a new tool called Amazon VOC; it is designed to display the Customer Experience Health of a seller’s offers and customer comments that are meant to help sellers identify product and listing issues so they can take action to resolve problems. Here are the three main issues Amazon is trying to achieve with Amazon VOC.

  • Review Customer Experience (CX) Health – Understand how each of your offers is performing relative to similar products in terms of customer experience.
  • Understand your customers – Read recent comments and identify common product or listing issues affecting customers.
  • Improve products and listings – Take action to address product issues identified through customer feedback and optimize your listings.

Do you think you’ll use this new feature from Amazon? To get Scott and Chris’ take on this new feature and what it will mean for your ecommerce business, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Will “Portfolios” make your life easier?

Let’s face it; there are few people who get as excited about PPC updates as Chris Shaffer! But there is a good reason for sellers like you to get at least a little happy about Amazon’s new update with the “Portfolios” tab in your Amazon PPC account. In the portfolios tab, you can take multiple PPC campaigns and view them as one campaign in terms of ad metrics over time. With this new feature, you can consolidate a broad match campaign, a phrase match campaign, and an exact match campaign into one portfolio inside the Amazon ecosystem. With the new process, you can still view all of your campaigns individually, or you can view them in summary as a group. For an even deeper understanding of what this means for your ecommerce business, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:30] Scott and Chris talk about Amazon Live.
  • [9:00] Why you should take advantage of tools like Amazon Live.
  • [15:30] What is Amazon VOC?
  • [19:20] Why taking care of your customers will make you stand out.
  • [22:50] Chris about the “Portfolios” addition to Amazon PPC.
  • [28:00] Closing thoughts from Scott.


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TAS 647: HUGE Amazon Updates for SELLERS


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 647 and today we’re going to talk all about Amazon and their…

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…cool updates for us sellers. And I’ve got my good friend on here as well today, Mr. Chris Shaffer. How is it going on over there?

[00:00:24] Chris: It’s going great man. How are you doing?

[00:00:26] Scott: I’m doing okay. And yesterday wasn’t okay for you. You went out for a little sedern for a migraine, and came back and you got yourself in a car accident.

[00:00:36] Chris: I came back with a bigger migraine. I feel great other than the fact that I feel like I got hit by a car.

[00:00:43] Scott: Yeah, well it was actually a truck but yes, it’s a car. It’s a vehicle. But I’m glad you’re okay.

[00:00:48] Chris: Like a pick up, not an 18 wheeler.

[00:00:50] Scott: I’m glad you’re okay but anyway… Just thought I’d throw that in there. You’re doing well and I’m glad that you made it through that accident because here you are able to talk to us about these.

[00:00:59] Chris: We got stuff to do. I don’t have time for people who are texting and driving and not paying attention to traffic control devices and not paying attention to whether they have a red light or a green light or any of those kinds of things. We’ve got a podcast to record.

[00:01:13] Scott: We do. We actually had a meeting we were getting ready to attend and then from there we had some episodes we wanted to record on the podcast. So little hiccup, little bump in the road, literally. But here we are and we are going to jump into this. So that’s what we’re going to do. So guys, this is episode 647. If you want to go over to the show notes page go over to theamazingseller.com/647 and you can get all the links and stuff that we’re going to be sharing with this.

Because there will probably be some links to some of the things including one of the ones that we’re going to be talking about is this new Amazon Live. I actually did an episode, Episode 645 when we first heard about this. And I did a little bit of a deep dive into it, haven’t really been able to use it yet. And actually Chris I’ll talk to you a little bit about like what our partner did to try to use it and what happened. And then from there we will share what we will be doing using this platform or at least testing this platform.

But why don’t you just kick it off? Why don’t you just talk about the, there’s actually three of them that we’re going to be talking about. Where do you want to start?

[00:02:19] Chris: Let’s start with the Amazon Live. Is that what they are actually calling that feature, as Amazon Live?

[00:02:23] Scott: I believe it is. I believe it is when we went to that page and actually I’ll do that on the fly here. But I believe it’s Amazon Live. Let’s see here. Amazon Live. Yes, it is Amazon Live. And if you want to, you can go there and it will literally show you kind of like the page that is with all the live videos. It says Amazon Live and then from there you will also see down below if you want to become a seller that can use it. So it says, ‘Are you a brand interested in live streaming? You click ‘learn more’ at the very bottom of that page and then you’ll actually bring up the page that talks all about the details.

There’s actually some live right now… Actually it’s not now. It was actually a day ago. ‘The magnifiers that bring you back to focus’. So it’s all about someone sitting here doing like an infomercial on their couch with these magnifiers. So that’s what’s happening here. And then right below that there’s products, their products magni pros, large 3x magnifier, magna pros, 3x large ultrabright LED. So right below it. That’s the full thing but there’s a whole bunch of other ones that are there but really there’s not that many yet because it’s fairly new. Like right now.

[00:03:42] Chris: It’s funny that you bring that up. You’re like it’s like a little infomercial because the way that this was pitched in the media or by the media and like Tech Crunch specifically said something along the lines of like, ‘Amazon’s effort to take on QVC and HSN’ And a few years ago actually, and I don’t know even most people know about this, Amazon had a really short-lived program and it was called something like ‘style code lite’ or something like that. It was something similar to this.

Kind of a beta version of this but only for fashion. I think they ran, I think it was like a fashion infomercial like live streams I think. And what they are really doing now is they are opening it up to what appears to be any brand registered brand. I don’t think that you can just log in with any seller central account. Although it appears when you download the app, you can do that. But their purpose really is to get the brands to create this content. From what I understand it only works with Amazon Seller central account right now. It does not work for vendor central, which is kind of interesting to me.

Because a lot of bigger brands use Vendor Central specifically. So they’d have to create a seller central account in order to use this. But it does appear to be something that’s really cool and what Amazon is trying to do here is take advantage of all of the great things that you hear us talking about with like Facebook Lives where we can get on and we can sell. And they are seeing success stories that people are having with selling from Facebook Live which is a platform which is not at all designed for that to something like this where you can literally at a click of a button purchase the product that people are talking about without having to go back in and enter credit card details and do all that if you’re signed into your seller central or your buyer account on Amazon.

Watching one of these feeds you can literally hit the button and you want to add to the cart or buy now just like you be able to from the product detail page. And so I think this is going to be something that has some really cool potential with any ecommerce ecosystem. But this would not be for anybody that’s like looking to do video or looking to do something like this. This would not be the only part of my video strategy. It would definitely be something worth doing. And as soon as we get the issues with the app figured out, because this is a fairly new program.

It got announced about a month ago.

[00:05:40] Scott: Is that what it was?

[00:05:41] Chris: I started seeing some of the first news articles about it. But the app is still iOS only. And I don’t know what happened with our partner but it only appears to work with only very specific iOS devices, like the newest version of iOS as of for whenever the app launched. And it is still a little buggy. But it would definitely be worth trying if you’re trying to get video under your belt.

[00:06:04] Scott: Yeah. I’m actually looking through like all of the last ones that have posted here in the past like week. There’s not really a ton to be honest with you. So it’s good but it’s also, is it worth it to do this like well I don’t know like we’ve been saying it all along, if you can do Facebook Lives do those for sure. This will just be another way for you to do a live. Get in front of a potential audience. This could maybe take off, it might not. Don’t know. But there’s a whole bunch of different ones. I would just go there again and just explore what people are doing as far as posting.

There’s this one here. These are all different time frames as far as like how long. There’s this one here says, ‘Morning sickness? We can help.’ From Pink Stock. It’s a morning sickness candy. There’s one there, there’s ‘Rocket Golf, number one rated golf products’. Four minutes and four seconds. The guy is in a garage hitting in a net, which is pretty cool. And then we have in the kitchen with EatNeats. And that one there is three hours and fifty-nine minutes. That’s crazy.

And then we have, let’s see here. I’m just trying to see one that would be interesting to talk about. Matty Yard of Driveway, Fix It with True Grid. There’s another one, that’s 15 minutes. Another one here, looks like a very generic shot here too. Install ‘pana’ brackets to the Bridge, whatever that means. So looks like you’re hanging a bicycle or something. It looks kind of interesting.

Brilliant pad. The first self cleaning dog potty, five minutes. And then there’s an upcoming streams at the very bottom, you can see upcoming ones. There’s only one for 9pm. It’s ‘guest signing burger bobby burns’. And it looks like it’s some type of food or product or something that goes with food, it looks like a Hamburg.

[00:08:01] Chris: I’m going to go ahead and search Amazon for Singing Burger right now.

[00:08:06] Scott: Yes, but I don’t see any search features here to look for videos personally. So I’m not sure how you’d go here and use this as a search feature but I’m sure that this is totally in beta. So there’s not really a ton that you can do. But again, if you guys missed that episode that I did where I went through kind of what’s required and everything, I mean you can just go to this page. Go to learn more, and you’ll get all that. But I did a deep dive into like really just reading what is required. And that is episode 645.

So theamazingseller.com/645. And you can listen to that episode if you’re interested in really just learning more about what they want us to have for doing this. I also talk about, which you and I talk about is just using video in general in your business. You really, really should be using video if you can. We’ve been experimenting with video now for probably at least a year very, very effectively. And we’re experimenting right now with YouTube. We actually started taking some of our videos that are on Facebook and then repurposing them, putting them on YouTube.

And we have a channel now of over 2,000 subscribers. We’re just under the threshold to turn on ads by the way. Which Chris I can’t wait for that to happen. But we’re like right under the threshold. I think you have to have like 24,000 minutes viewed or something. And I think we’re just under that threshold. But we’re over the 1,000 subscribers on YouTube which is required as well to turn on ads. But again, all we did was repurpose that video. So if you’re not creating video, I definitely, definitely recommend that you consider it.

And it doesn’t mean you have to have this professional like totally professional like camera set up or anything. It could be your iPhone on a tripod, maybe with a decent mic. You don’t need to have a decent mic. But if it’s just something that’s giving value, and that’s going to demonstrate if you’re a fisherman and you want to show your new lures or you want to show it in action that’s a great way to do it.

[00:10:05] Scott: And we’ve been saying that for a long time. Now Amazon is saying it, yes, we think live video is kind of where it’s happening so we want to get into the game. So it’s really something to pay attention to and a lot of businesses that aren’t going to do it, that’s where you can separate yourself by doing something that requires a little bit more work that people are not going to be willing to do.

[00:10:28] Chris: And that video if you can is something that you can repurpose in multiple places. Like you said, we’ve been taking Facebook Lives and just putting them on YouTube. If you can create channel specific content that always does better. But one of those Facebook Lives Scott has over 20,000 views in three months which is pretty good. And we just repurposed that on the YouTube. And that’s where we have the 20,000 views. I don’t know how many even it got on Facebook.

But if you can use video in any capacity, it’s going to work. And video is always going to sell the product better than not having video. And one of the struggles with selling online in general is that people don’t get that like tangible effect of the product. They don’t get to feel like they have interacted, they don’t get to feel like they have picked it up and spun it around. Like if I was going to buy this on Amazon, just looking at the picture if I get to hold it in my hand or see someone hold it in their hand and see how well it fits in the hand or whatever.

That really increases the ability to sell someone on the product and video does that exactly. Amazon has Twitch, which is their live streaming platform on the game side. And they have done a lot to monetize that. They have seen how powerful that can be to selling video games and accessories and all those kinds of things. And now they are trying to bring that experience back to the rest of the products because they have seen the success obviously of like QVC and NHSN where you can clear through a whole bunch of products.

And if you can figure out even a basic strategy to be able to do that and do that even… At this point it’s basically just showing up and you’re going to get some results, and you don’t even have to be good at it to get some results back. I think that’s going to go a long way. and then the other rumor that kind of goes along with this is that Instagram in the Instagram stories, or the Instagram TV is going to be rolling out a similar product focused thing to be more of a shopping platform. So we might as well take advantage of the Amazon ecosystem where we can to capture that 3% to 5% of people who are willing to buy right now, who are ready to buy right now.

And then we can take the lessons that we’ve learned from that. And then fly that to whatever Facebook or Instagram whoever comes out with to be a more direct to consumer platform. Because that is coming. It’s always worked really well on TV.

[00:12:31] Chris: All these companies are trying to figure how to get their slice of that. How do I bring this to ecommerce pie because that’s an ever growing segment of the customer base. So if we can figure this out right now we’re going to be in a great, great position two or three years from now when it’s one of those things we say, ‘Hey as a part of your launch, do Amazon Live. Jump on Instagram and do an Instagram channel, an Instagram, I don’t know what they are going to call it. Instagram shopping video.

Two or three years from now, that might be part of what we want to do. Now it’s something that we can play with and whatever results we get out it I think are great. One of the early beta testers of this was actually one of your favorite products of all time ‘Watch your mouth’. And some of the things that they reported were like 5X increase in product sales page visits. Like all of these kinds of things while they were doing these live videos. That’s great. Even if I only get five times the number of people on that sales page today because I’m doing that video.

Well, okay. So if I normally sell ten units then I 5X the number of people that are coming, well now I’m going to sell 50 units. So it’s worth at least a try and I wouldn’t try just once. Try it three of four times, those different angles maybe different products if you have them. And then let us know what your results are. We’re going to be trying it like as soon as we can actually get it to work. I know you said our partner downloaded the app and like just couldn’t log in.

[00:13:52] Scott: It wouldn’t let us log in with our credentials. So for whatever reason, that wasn’t connecting properly or something. I don’t know. So it wasn’t even that we couldn’t access the platform. We just couldn’t access our account through the app. So it was weird. So anyway, we didn’t spend too too much trying to get that figured out. We got other things that we’re working on, which actually, let me… I’ll send a little teaser out here for you guys. You guys tune in on the next episode. Chris and I are actually going to record another episode after this one.

And this one is going to be really going through something that we’ve been just experimenting with. We’re about 20 days in maybe, something like that. Chris you can give me the actual numbers but we’re adding another revenue stream to this business. Right now currently we’re over, I’ll actually give you the exact number. $1,646.96 to be exact as of the time of recording this. And it’s a passive income stream in a sense that it’s not residing on Amazon. It is not a physical product.

It is a digital element and from there… And we’re going to explain everything on how we kind of did it and kind of the numbers. Also the upsell stuff in the backend. So it’s really exciting but we’re going to be sharing that in the next episode. That’s going to be episode 648. So you’re definitely going to want to tune in to that one. So with that little teaser there Chris, so people show up again on the next episode, let’s keep moving through these updates and some of these cool new features.

So that’s the live thing. And we’ll probably come back on and do some more updates and stuff as we hear from the audience. We’ll get listeners that will try it and test it. It might work good for you, it might not. You got to test things guys. That’s bottom line. Let’s move on to the next feature. What’s the next feature, the next update that they’ve added for us sellers?

[00:15:39] Chris: So the next thing that I think people should be aware of, especially if you’ve been selling for a long time but even new sellers is going to be something that thing is going to be increasingly important inside of the Amazon ecosystem is what they are calling the voice of the customer dashboard or Amazon VOC. And you can find this by going into your performance tab inside of your seller central account and then clicking on voice of the customer.

Now they announced this I believe at the end of February but it’s been around a little bit and it’s still in beta, like everything in Amazon seems to be for six years until they just one day drop the beta tag. But basically what it is it’s feedback from the customer on the product and listing itself. It’s not the same as reviews. And I don’t know exactly how they are gathering all this data but I think they are sending out surveys just like they do with reviews.

And basically they are ranking you from very poor to excellent on the product and the listing itself. So if I jump into a dashboard here it says, to see listings over the last 30 days there’s six reviews of the listings themselves. And so it’s basically did the product correspond with the listing? How is the experience? How did they get the information that they needed? And then if you drill into any one of these, Amazon is giving you the details of the actual feedback from the customer if they left any feedback.

So I was confused by the size, I was confused by the color. It wasn’t the exact color or I ordered this and got that. It’s really just a little bit more in depth from our perspective. It’s a little more in depth than what you’d get in the seller feedback section if they left you seller feedback and Amazon is doing what Amazon does, and they are assigning a score here which tells me that they are going to be doing the same thing with the voice of the customer dashboard that they have done in the past with the inventory score and a lot of these other scores they are going to be rolling this into your overall account health metrics at some point I believe to tell how well you’re doing.

And how good your listings are and how well you communicate with your customers and all of those kinds of things as a score to say you as a seller you’re doing a good job or a bad job of whatever and then that will determine…

[00:17:59] Chris: Like with the inventory score if you have a low inventory score they actually limit the amount of inventory you send in. Now you have unlimited inventory if you have a good inventory score. So I think something similar is going to happen here whether like hey, you’re getting a bunch of negative reviews on all of your listings from the voice of the customer because they are confusing and they don’t make any sense. You need to correct that before you can create a new list.

[00:18:20] Scott: Where are we finding that again Chris? I’m actually in the dashboard just because I was curious myself to see where this…

[00:18:26] Chris: Click on ‘Performance’ and then ‘Voice of the Customer’. It’s the farthest right, at least for me it’s the farthest right link inside of the performance dashboard.

[00:18:53] Scott: Okay, got you. If it’s hard for me to find it it’s probably going to be hard for other people. I mean I am a little slow but I mean… Okay, cool. That’s a cool feature. I think that’s the other thing, again a lot of people say how do I stand out? How do I become different than my competition? Here’s the deal. You pay attention to your customers. You take care of your customers. And if you can get on something that is maybe an issue or someone’s had a problem even if it’s not because you did something wrong and you can follow up with those people like really quickly it can turn things around.

I’m going to give you an example. There’s someone that I now right now that just shared a story with me and they are a newer seller. They are probably doing around 10 or 15 sales per day. So again, as you get more sales and stuff it becomes harder and that might be a time when you might have to hire someone or have someone come in and be a support person. But what they did is they had a negative review come through. Wasn’t even a feedback, it was a review. And they were saying how they didn’t receive the item in time and they missed giving it away as a gift so they were upset.

This individual immediately emailed that person and said, ‘I am so sorry. Unfortunately that’s kind of out of our hands because we don’t do the shipping. Amazon actually does. But what I’d love to do is give one absolutely free. I will actually send it to you priority mail so you can have it even though it’s late. At least I can try to give you something so I can make it up to you.’ That person responded back said, ‘Oh my gosh, number one I didn’t realize that Amazon fulfilled it.’

Not everyone knows that Amazon fulfills stuff. And by doing that this person was like, ‘I can’t believe that you reached out. It’s so great to see a business doing this,’ and they went ahead and they removed the review and turned it into a five star. So a one star to a five star. And the person still didn’t get it in gift time for to give it as a gift. But they were so happy with the experience and they will come back now.

[00:20:57] Scott: So just that one little thing. So understand that Amazon understands this as well. So they want to make it easy for us to see this stuff and they are actually taking measures to make that easier for us to see that. So anyway, I just want to throw that in there because I think it’s important.

[00:21:14] Chris: It is and that’s one of those things like this Voice of the Customer dashboard as well as a lot of the stuff that Amazon is rolling out is really enabling us to connect a little bit more directly with the customer than we ever could previously inside of the Amazon ecosystem which is a good thing. Amazon has always treated these as their customers and they want to be hands off and they are realizing that people don’t understand that Amazon is fulfilling it and so they are dealing with a lot of the customer service but they don’t get all of the information, we don’t get all of the information and it’s kind of been messy.

And so to be able to look at something like this ‘Voice of the Customer’ dashboard and say okay, they are confused by the sizing, they are confused by this or they are confused by that. That is really helpful and previously we only would have gotten that inside of ‘Seller feedback’ or something like that. But Amazon inside voice of the customer is tying it back to a specific ASIN and a specific listing. So I don’t have to like dig to associate order history with this person. I don’t have to do anything other than look at it and go ‘ok, it’s the giant round thing that we sell.

And I know that because of the giant picture of it. Well what was their issue? Or what do they like, what do they not like, what was their concern,’ and I’m then able to correct that inside of the listing or look at how my inventory is sent in or however we need to correct that [inaudible]. I can then actually do that and take some action on it without having to worry about digging around and kind of wasting time trying to associate that person to a specific order or worrying that it’s going to show up on a review or whatever.

[00:22:40] Scott: Okay cool. That’s pretty exciting stuff. What’s the last one? Let’s talk about the last one that you wanted to touch on which I think is pretty awesome. So go ahead and share it.

[00:22:49] Chris: This is the thing that I’m the most excited about going quite honestly.

[00:22:54] Scott: I know you would be.

[00:22:54] Chris: If you haven’t guessed by now it’s a PPC related thing. So Amazon rolled out this new feature inside of pay-per-click portfolios. And what portfolios lets you do is it lets you take multiple campaigns and view them as one campaign in terms of ad metrics over time. So I can consolidate a broad match campaign, a phrase match campaign, an exact match campaign into one portfolio inside the Amazon ecosystem. I can still view them all individually or I can view them in summary as a group.

So I can say, ‘Here’s how this group of campaigns performs. Everyone else in the group already has this feature and it’s where every other advertising platform calls a campaign. Amazon has always called a campaign something different from everybody else. You can only set a budget at a campaign level.

You can only do a certain thing that a campaign level, which normally you’d be able to do inside of an ad group in Facebook or Ad Words or basically any other advertising platform. What portfolio allows you to do is group those campaigns inside of Amazon together so that you can view your analytics and actually set caps on portfolios to treat it like you’d treat a campaign inside of Facebook or campaign inside of an ad word.

So we can say, ‘I want to spend $50 a day across my broad, phrase and exact. And I want to set a budget cap on that.’ Previously you could only set a campaign level cap or an account level cap which means if I wanted to run broad, phrase and exact for a product I had to either run them as ad groups which didn’t allow me to set individual campaign budgets or I had to just let them kind of run a separate campaigns or separate budgets and then maybe set an account level budget which might handicap some of the other things that I’m doing.

So what this feature really allows us to do is it allows us to treat individual products across their different campaigns.

[00:24:53] Chris: So broad, phrase and exact is the example that I’m going to be using and treat them as a group, which is what they are. So it makes analyzing them significantly easier at a glance using the Amazon dashboard. It makes budgeting for each product significantly easier and it’s a really nice clean way to look at everything. I can group all of the campaigns into one portfolio, I can click on it, I can see the graph, I can see all that kind of stuff all at one glance for just that one specific product.

So my biggest problem with organizing PPC the way you and I have done in the past where we say okay, we are going to start with broad then we’re going to move to phrase then we’re going to move to exact is that I have to scroll around my account because I might have created three or four different broad match campaigns for different products and then at a different time I created phrase match and they are like in order of when I created them.

Now I can go, ‘I want to look at the fly-fishing rod and I’ll see all of the campaigns in one portfolio,’ once I’ve created a portfolio. And I don’t have to worry about it, I can still what’s the ACOS for the fly-fishing rod at the top? Which is all I really care about as like the first health metric that I’m looking for in PPC is are we profitable, then how do we become more profitable. Or are we profitable? Okay. How do we become profitable? And I cannot do that at a glance using the portfolios which I think is really cool. You guys aren’t taking advantage of it.

Go in right now and create some portfolios if you’re running more than one campaign inside your protocol.

[00:26:17] Scott: Yeah, I think in as far as an organization stand point, it makes it really, really clean where you’re going to be able to put these in their own buckets and then control those buckets. I think that was always, the thing that was frustrating. Of course, if you’re a little bit more into this pay-per-click thing like Chris is, it’s really exciting. For me I see it as you’re able to see things in a little bit of a broader level but yeah, you’re able to organize and then from there you’re able to kind of see things a little bit more, as far as the numbers at a glance versus having to dig through everything.

I think that’s the biggest thing for me. But yeah, just depending on where you are and what you’re doing and if you have one product it might not be as attractive or as sexy unless you’re going to have these totally different campaigns that you’re going to be testing out and splitting them apart. But I think it’s a great feature. And it just goes to show you from the way pay-per-click looked even a year ago to what it is now is completely now is completely differently. So they are making changes.

They are trying to make it easier because they know if we can use it better and we can get more customers, they are going to make more money too. And they are going to make money on the pay-per-click. If we’re continuing to have really good success with pay-per-click, they are going to make money there too. So they are not stupid. So anyway, is that it Chris? Is that the three that we wanted to discuss here today?

[00:27:38] Chris: That’s the three that we wanted to talk about.

[00:27:38] Scott: Okay. That’s awesome. So here’s what I’m going to do guys. I’m going to give you guys a little call to action. Head over to the show notes page if you want all the details on this, the links and everything. Head over to theamazingseller.com/647. Go over and do that. The other thing that I’m going to do here is give you guys another resource. If you guys are still thinking to yourself man, I really want to know how you are building a business, a brand, not just an Amazon brand but a brand that works outside of just Amazon, you build these external channels and these additional revenue streams like we’re going to talk about in the next episodes.

But if you’re interested in learning exactly what we are doing now and we’re going to continue to do moving forward, head over to ecommbizclass.com. What that will do is it will give you it’s around 34 minutes to be exact of an overview of myself going through the exact methodology but also taking you through like a case study in a sense of what we’ve done over the last 19 months to build out this brand and this business and really build these external channels, these revenue streams and all that.

If you’re interested head over to ecommbizclass.com for that overview, for that tutorial, that case study. And then also we will talk about our e-comm business formula class and our training there. And if you want to become part of that you’ll get all the information there as well. So Chris, that’s it buddy. Let’s wrap this baby up so we can get onto the next one which we’ll be recording for the next day. Anything else you wanted to wrap up with, are you good?

[00:29:10] Chris: No, although I do want to know. Amazon is rolling out features that are record paced so anybody that has run into something let us know at support@theamazingseller.com. Because I’m always curious. I mean you and I can’t even keep up with how much stuff they are rolling out. So if you guys have seen anything else up inside your account over the last few days that you want us to take a look at, you just want to be aware of, let us know at support@theamazingseller.com so we can take a look at it.

So we can dive in and take a look at it as well and maybe share it with the audience.

[00:29:34] Scott: Yeah, that would be awesome. Yeah definitely do that. support@theamazingseller.com if you have any news or things that you think would be useful to share with your community.

All right guys, that is it. That is going to wrap it up. So as always remember, I’m here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you. But you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, Chris is going to say it with me on the count of three. One, two, three, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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