Advanced Amazon Seller Strategies w/Kevin King - EP120


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Welcome To Episode #120 of the Amazon FBA Private Label Show Podcast!

In this episode I talk with Kevin King where he shares amazing advanced seller strategies to help grow your business.

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In this podcast episode I interview Kevin King who is a successful Amazon Seller that has lots of knowledge and insight to share with the community. Kevin shares some advanced ideas and strategies with the audience that sellers can use and implement in their business.

Kevin King also runs the Freedom Ticket program where he trains and works with sellers. Make sure you visit and view the free training webinar.

Here are some key takeaways and notes from the podcast episode

  • Find products that fly under the radar and don't attract to much attention
  • Create brands that serve and avatar and not a single niche
  • The subject matter, target audience, other attributes and intended use fields are very important to fill out correctly
    • Find and request the category report to find these keywords to use
  • You can use the fabric type field to insert extra keywords. You will find this in the "more details" tab section.
  • Spend good money on product images that tell a story.
    • Use PickFu to split test your images
  • Have influences create product videos that you can upload to Enhanced Brand Content
    • You can use those videos in You-Tube pre-roll ads to promote your product
  • Have people ask specific questions on your Amazon listing as that will tend to index on Google.
  • The best way to get product reviews is to have a high quality product. Use the Early Reviewer program if needed.
  • Use Many Chat, E-mail, launch services and PPC when launching to drive as much traffic and sales as you can.
  • Treat this as a real business
  • Keep pushing forward and don't be afraid to fail
  • Make sure you have enough money to launch a product before you begin

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If you haven't yet watched my video "How To Find A Product To Sell In Minutes" then please do that as well.

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For all other resources and tools that I use in my Amazon business please see the resources link.

Splitly is an AWESOME tool that now allows us to split test various things on your product listings like pricing and images to measure how they perform over time. If you want to maximize your profits and destroy the competition you need to be split testing your listings. I have been using this so for a while now and I am loving it because Splitly does all the heaving lifting for me.



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Advanced Amazon Seller Strategies w/Kevin King - EP120

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