My thoughts on recent Amazon account suspensions and product launch services


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Welcome To Episode #125 of the Amazon FBA Private Label Show Podcast!

In this episode I share my opinions and thoughts on some of the recent Amazon seller account suspensions and the use of Amazon launch services.

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My Thoughts on the Amazon Account Suspensions and Launch Services - EP125

Recently you may have heard of some reports going around about sellers getting their Amazon accounts suspended by Amazon. It appears that some of these violations were from rank manipulation from the use of Amazon launch services. In this podcast I share my thoughts and opinions on the subject and I also share my advice on launching products on Amazon in the current climate.

WHAT I THINK: I think Amazon is looking to detect larger scale manipulation and sometimes smaller sellers get caught up in the web. I would however make sure you aren't doing anything at scale to show up on Amazon's radar. If your product has tons of deeply discounted sales attached to it now I think that sends up red flags to Amazon. It's best if things appear natural to Amazon so suddenly getting 100 reviews on a brand new product may not look natural to Amazon and could lead to issues with your ASIN and account.

If you are using an Amazon launch service and are still having great results with getting your product rank then proceed with caution going forward. Ultimately just be safe so you can protect your account from any issues.


  • Contact the site or service and ask them about their process for launching products
    • Who are their buyers?
    • How do they distribute your links?
    • How do they distribute your codes?
  • If the Amazon launch service says they are within Amazon TOS then take that with a grain of salt.
    • They may have been compliant in the past but not anymore as Amazon changes their system and guidelines.
    • Try to avoid launching to professional freebie deal seekers.
    • Ultimately you are responsible for your account activity


I think the best route forward for any Amazon seller is to build your own audience that you can launch product to. That way you control everything and you are building a real asset that you can keep using again and again.

You should either be building your own e-mail list or ManyChat list. Both are great and have their advantages.

If you haven't yet please check out Episode 122 where Michelle Barnum Smith breaks down ManyChat for Amazon sellers. It's a must listen.

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My Thoughts on the Amazon Account Suspensions and Launch Services - EP125

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