How To Write Amazon Product Listings That Convert Like Crazy w/Karon Thackston


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Welcome To Episode #121 of the Amazon FBA Private Label Show Podcast!

In this episode I talk with Karon Thackston from about crafting great Amazon product listings that will convert and drive sales.

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How To Write Amazon Product Listings That Concert Like Crazy w/Karon Thackston - EP121

Selling on Amazon is becoming increasingly competitive and fierce. While having a great product is important to your success it's only half the battle. You need an amazing product listing that speaks to your ideal customer and converts them into a buyer. Simply writing basic features and benefits isn't going to cut it anymore if you really want your product to take off. You need to truly understand who your customer is and what makes them tick. Creating a customer avatar is essential in this process. Check out the podcast for some great tips and strategies from Karon Thackston to help your craft killer Amazon product listings that convert.

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Here are the key points mentioned in the podcast:

  • Build and sketch out a full bio on your target customer
    • Age, Sex, Income, Interests, etc...
  • Research key sources of information about this person
    • Research Media kits, TV Shows, Magazines, Social media, Websites, QVC, Online groups
    • What language do they use when they talk?
    • What desired results are they trying to achieve
    • What are their pain points?
  • Use words and phrases you cam up with from your customer avatar
  • Don't keyword stuff
  • Follow Amazon's style guide for your category to avoid any issues
  • Shorter lengths are easier to read and skim
  • Use your main keyword phrase within the first 80 characters of the title
  • The first bullet point is the most important bullet
  • Pay attention to how your listing shows up on mobile and tablets
  • Blend high traffic relevant keywords with long tail keywords in your bullets
  • Check your PPC data to check for how well your listing keywords are actually converting
  • Use a keyword tool to scrape and find your top keywords ( Helium 10, Viral Launch, Jungle Scout, Scope )
  • Use your customer avatar information again to help craft your EBC
  • Tell your brand story
  • Top section of EBC needs to address customer needs, wants, desired results
  • Lead with your most unique product feature first
  • Use comparison charts as needed
  • Why your product?
  • Use the bottom section for any call to actions
  • Clarity is key!
  • A confused mind is not a buying mind

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How To Write Amazon Product Listings That Concert Like Crazy w/Karon Thackston - EP121

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