6.18.19:Energy Self-reliance From Carter To Reagan With William Perry Pendley


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Welcome to the Americhicks podcast. Kim Monson is your host - Agree or disagree, let's have a conversation! In 1977, President Jimmy Carter, pundits, politicians, and interested parties declared that oil and natural gas would run out by 2007 if we did not drastically reduce our use of hydrocarbons. Ronald Reagan didn’t believe it. Forty-two years after President Carter’s pronouncement, the United States is now energy independent. What happened? Attorney and author,William Perry Pendley, explains how America’s energy boom is changing geopolitics just as Reagan foresaw. ________________________________________________ Copyright 2019: The Americhicks W/Kim Monson Visit us at www.americhicks.com To have someone contact you about advertising on the radio program, the podcast, or the Americhicks website visit:www.americhicks.com/contact and fill out the form. Or, of course, email Kim: kim@americhicks.com The Americhicks airs on KLZ 560 AM every Monday thru Friday, 6-7 AM MST. You can listen to the live stream by going to www.klzradio.com Did you know you can get the Americhicks podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Google Music? Just open your iTunes, Spotify or Google Music and search for Americhicks.

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