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In the ongoing quest to find balance in life, I am embarking on a journey to interview top professionals at all ages and from all different fields to see how they stay balanced. In our fast paced, social media driven society its easy to feed one area of our life more than the others. To find true balance is an everyday struggle. My goal is to educate on health, wealth and real estate while simultaneously diving deeper into the depths of our minds. What is true balance? What are our morning routines? What can we educate you about different fields? How do we feed the body, mind and spirit? How do we recover our bodies, minds, and spirits? My goal is to make someone else's life better each day and to shine so bright that I radiate out positive energy to everyone around me. Podcasting is a great way to reach an even bigger audience and help me achieve this goal. This is my quest, I hope you enjoy, and can take at least one new thing from every episode that will help you or someone in your life get better in all phases of life. Enjoy and if you like what you are hearing please share with friends and leave a review. Thank you! #theandrewwalshpodcast

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