Shonen Ronins Episode 9: My Hero Academia 318, Black Clover 297 & Kaiju no.8 Ch 38 Review/Discussion


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Welcome to the New Shonen Ronins Sunday, where the Brotakus Review & Discuss New Shonen Jump Sunday Manga Chapters! We will be reviewing and discussing My Hero Academia/ Boku no Hero Academia Manga, Black Clover Manga and more! Join LegendDVash, SamTheMangaMan, RayApollo & JBXclusive as we Review and Discuss My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 318 - "Reckless", Kaiju no.8 Chapter 38, & Black Clover Chapter 297 - "The Descent" Time Codes: 0:00 Intro 3:05 My Hero Academia Chapter 318 Reaction 10:25 Kaiju no.8 Chapter 38 Review/Discussion 34:30 Black Clover Chapter 297 Review/Discussion 48:45 My Hero Academia Chapter 318 Review/Discussion Special Thanks to This Month's Patreon Supporters & YouTube Membership John Tate Kendall James Barnes Ray Apollo MemoryNK Jack The Digger ► Support us on Patreon & YouTube Membership: ♦ To Subscribe to the Channel, Click Here on this link: For our Previous Shonen Ronins Manga Discussion Video, Click Here on this link: For our MHA Live Reaction & Review Playlist, Click Here on this Link: For our Black Clover Manga Playlist Click Here on this Link: SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL MANGA!!! Source link of Shonen Jump's My Hero Academia: #MyHeroAcademia318 #BlackClover297 #ShonenRonins Thanks For Watching & All the Information Are Down Below! Keep Updated with us: ► Follow us on Twitter: ♦ Anime Lately = ♦ Miguel = ♦ Sam = ♦ RayApollo = ♦ James Personal = ♦ James C4spoilers = ► Follow Us on Twitch! ♦ ► Subscribe to Ray on YouTube ♦ ► Subscribe to Careful 4 Spoilers on YouTube ♦ ► Support us on Patreon: ♦ ►Join Our Discord Server: ♦ Anime Lately: ♦ C4Spoilers Server: ♦ Ray Apollo Server: ►Podcast Network ♦ Anime lately: - - - - - ♦ C4Spoilers: - -

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