Blessed Beyond Measure - Episode 13


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This episode I go into detail about what its like being blessed by God, where I came from, plus many of the things I suffered in order to bring this message to life. I also spoke on the historical aspect of our transcendent journey's.
Went into greater detail the sacrifices made. Its not easy bringing anything to life, especially when a person gets blessed "The Way" I've been, God said anything worth doing is never easy. When you learn about the things we've endured, and what we've overcome, you'll understand why we're put through so much in order to bring something divine to life.
I explain the importance of knowing where we stand and for whom we fight for. There is a battle raging in this world, and we're all caught up in it. Its important to know yourself and where you stand. How we are affects everything.
I do hope you will be inspired by our transcendent walks, our trips up to heaven, and the extraordinary blessings that are coming to life thanks to God, The Holy Trinity. If ever you had questions about God, Religion, Spirituality, Christianity, and why its important to have a good spiritual foundation, this episode might help explain all of it in such a way as to help you with your walk.
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God bless you
James Martinez

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