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Clarrie’s settled the details of Joe’s funeral with Alan. She’s touched that Jennifer’s brought them a steak pie. The fridge is now groaning with food. Later Neil calls in with a flower brochure from Susan. They’re very expensive. Eddie counsels Clarrie to use her judgement; Joe would say keep it simple. Clarrie reminds Eddie he still hasn’t called Alf. There’s a new hybrid batch at Berrow – Neil reckons they’re mad as a box of frogs. Hannah thinks he could keep an open mind about new developments in pig farming. As they spar Neil notices the gate to the feed alley’s been left open, and they need to round up errant pigs. Neil reports later to Eddie and Clarrie that Justin arrived in the midst of the chaos, though with credit to Hannah, they covered well and all went smoothly. Though he does think Hannah has some funny ideas about looking after pigs. Brian carefully broaches the subject of Ruairi’s attitude to his mother’s death with Jennifer. They present a united front to a reluctant Ruairi. Eventually he admits he feels his mother’s still a mystery. That’s why it was so great talking to Elizabeth about her. Jennifer feels they should have shared more memories earlier, but Ruairi assures her she’s been amazing. When he’s gone, Brian acknowledges that it must have brought up some bad memories. Jennifer just cares that Ruairi’s happy, that’s her duty.

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