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Eddie and Will prepare for a log delivery. As they chat about Joe’s bete noir Gemma Hawkins, Clarrie joins them, reminding Eddie he really needs to find Alf. Yes he’s trouble, but family’s family. Later Eddie reports he’s had no luck tracing Alf despite trawling the county. If he doesn’t turn up to the funeral, it’s not for want of their trying. Clarrie has a moment over a bottle of brown sauce, Joe’s favourite. Will returns the last of his gamekeeping chattels to Brian, to be passed on to Martyn Gibson. He’s cleaned out the cottage and locked up. They reminisce over Joe – Brian will be forever grateful for his advice over the pollution case. Will admits life got on top of him a while back, but now he’s beginning to imagine a little bit of a future. He offers his advice for when the new guy takes on the shoot, and wishes him luck. Unenthused Peggy receives a visit from Joy, whose chatter and bonhomie gets in the way as Peggy slowly realises she’s lost Hilda. As quiet panic rises in Peggy, Joy sticks like glue, and is a Job’s comforter with reminders of busy roads and careless drivers.

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