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Aloha listeners! We have some BIG news for you. Things are changing up around the Archetypal Tarot Podcast! We’ll explain. It’ll be cool. Stay till the end of the show to find out how you can participate. Thanks for listening! You’ve just heard about our transition to a reading based podcast with Cyndera I bet you are excited to get a reading! If you are already a Patron - just send Cyndera your question by email to If you aren’t a Patron yet - well what are you waiting for!? Just go to to sign up. Or Google Archetypal Tarot Podcast and land yourself on our podcast site. It’s super easy to sign up and receive so many cool Patron bonuses for less than the price of a cappuccino! As always, you can Find us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @TarotPodcast Big thanks to our Patrons: Sara, Geneva, Richard, Peter, Rash, Alli, Yvonne and K. Your support makes all this happen & you make us smile every day! Produced by Both/And Media Theme music by: The Lunar Group

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