E20 | Lessons from an Olympian & Finding Your Edge with Sara Hendershot


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In this episode, it is my honor to be joined by former Olympian, and current Director of Marketing for Momentous Sara Hendershot.
This episode is especially unique since we get the perspective of what constitutes truly effective coaching from a world-class athlete who has competed at the absolute highest levels in sport. Sara also dives into the strategies she deployed to help keep her at the top of her performance while competing as well as during her transition into the business world.
A truly eloquent speaker, and someone who understands the true value and meaning of the term "core product" Sara discloses a deluge of helpful and insightful information as to how the small things done savagely well will provide maximum ROI in the long-run, especially as it pertains to the current and ever-evolving landscape of performance nutrition.

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Topics Covered On This Episode

  • Sibling rivalry and mental conditioning for sports
  • Dealing with self doubt in the Olympic setting
  • Finding your edge against people that have genetic advantage
  • What kind of coach does Sara like?
  • How has Sara's coaches seeped into her own coaching and management?
  • Why do so many coaches struggle to adapt their style to their athletes?
  • How did Sara learn the skillset of listening?
  • How Sara's experience in sport brought her to Momentous
  • What is branding?
  • Sara lives in extremes. How does that affect here life?
  • What is the experience like when Sara goes to the gym and works out?
  • How does Momentous focus their energy into being the best in their lane, but not drift into too many other areas
  • What makes the Momentous worth the price?
  • Why does Momentous focus on the protein and recovery side of sport nutrition?
  • What is the one nutrition based thing Sara wishes she did more of as an athlete?

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