Episode 189: The True Nature of Men with Michael Ronin


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On this episode, we talked about:

Understanding my social environment, thirst for knowledge, celebrating what's right in our life, the meaning of a conscious man, fulfilling our potential, breaking unconscious men habits, discovering your true nature, every man carries a feminine essence, coming back to our true nature, taking the steps to eradicate bad habits and so much more!

"Women have just as much to offer as men, what's the point to be just in a men's group? what is it that women don't have that man do?"

"Our journey as men is to make our way back to our true nature, and it has to be a conscious one"

"To be a conscious man is to have free will, is to be capable of having our own thoughts rather than thoughts implanted by others"

About Michael:

Michael is an interdisciplinary cultural commentator, pulling together the threads of an unraveling world to provide clarity amidst all the Crazy. If there is a single objective truth, then it is found between many different trains of thought. Therefore, he generates insights that shed light on that “truth” from diverse angles and viewpoints.

You can follow and support Michael at:

Website: www.michaelronin.net

Book: Modern Masculinity for the Conscious Man

Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser

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