Episode 207: Igniting Your Greatness with Dr. Tracey Jones


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On this episode, we talked about:

How to be a greater force for this world, balance between feminine and masculine energy, learning and loving new things, anybody can do whatever they need to do, finding your leadership capacity, needing to open up to learn from others, knowing the power of a mastermind, planning the worst-case scenario, money by itself it's not a bad thing, give first, make money second, supporting and giving others, ask for feedback and so much more!

"I came in not to compete, but to be your sister or brother in arms and it´s the way that you show up that matters"

"You're going to look for people that get your mission and your passion and that are going to respond to your orders"

"I really don't know what I'm doing and I finally realize that I don't have to know everything, I have to know everyone"

About Dr. Tracey:

Many keynote speakers can be entertaining, but Tracey brings a unique approach to motivation that includes a call to action, complete with tools you can put to immediate use. Tracey is able to address the root issue you need to be targeted, and jump-start the transformation you need to become tremendous. Author, speaker, Air Force Academy graduate, decorated Veteran, international leadership expert, scholar, and researcher, Tracey C. Jones is the President of Tremendous Leadership. She has released, Beyond Tremendous: Raising the Bar on Life, to help others move beyond the ordinary to generate their best identity, and A Message to Millennials, encouraging the next generation of leaders by teaching the importance of followership. Her latest book, SPARK: Five Essentials to Igniting the Greatness Within, includes her doctoral research. With the research she has done, and her lifelong pursuit of learning, she is always looking for opportunities to help businesses invest in their employees with training, coaching, or Continuing Education Credits.

You can follow Tracey at:

Web: https://www.traceycjones.com/

Podcast: Tremendous Leadership

Book: Spark- 5 Essentials to Ignite the Greatness Within

Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser

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