How to Create a Profitable Paid Workshop Launch


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I love taking you guys behind the scenes of things going on in my business, and in today’s episode, I am doing just that!

Today we are covering paid workshops, which is a concept that has been around forever, but this is the first time I am trying it for myself. I created my first workshop earlier this year as I wanted to try something new. I desired to keep it simple, yet I wanted to over-deliver on a topic for a small price. Based on the feedback from the workshop, I believe I did just that!

I am breaking it all down for you -- from setting your goals, outlining content, creating a promotional strategy, and evaluating your workshop when it's over.

Launching a profitable paid workshop shouldn't be overwhelming. When you break it down to the must-haves, it becomes so much easier. I was extremely happy with the results, so I am excited to share what worked, what didn’t, and how you can use paid workshops in your business.

I encourage you to look at the assets you have available that you can leverage, figure out how you want to promote it, and OVERDELIVER to your audience. I think you'll be amazed at the results!

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On Today’s Show You’ll Learn About:

  • The importance of having a ripple effect
  • The psychology behind paid vs. free workshops and how it affects your show- up rates
  • Setting sales and revenue goals for your workshop
  • The intention behind my paid workshop
  • Pricing strategy to create urgency
  • Simplifying your delegation process
  • The four pillars of marketing I used to promote my workshop
  • Creating a simple sales pitch
  • The importance of doing a debrief after your workshop to evaluate what worked and what didn’t
  • The show-up rate and total sales of my workshop
  • What you can do with the assets you’ll create
  • Who should try a paid workshop in their business

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