010: Ben Brewster - The Ultimate Pitching Transformation


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Ben Brewster is a 26-year-old professional baseball player and the founder of Tread Athletics, which is the best remote training option on the market in my opinion. Ben has an incredible story. His sophomore year of high school, he was a 155-pound soft-tossing lefty topping out at 73 mph… and yet, by the end of high school, he had a roster spot at the University of Maryland where he later ended up getting drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the 15th round. Along the way, Ben has acquired a ton of training knowledge, and his approach to player development is top notch. He is a great resource and I really hope you guys can get a lot of value from his story. Ben is currently a free agent and finishing up rehab, but his velocity is approaching triple digits. Ben's Blog: http://bit.ly/2Bb1i2b

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