Copyright Law with Art Attorney Sam P. Israel


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Sam P. Israel is a prominent New York trial and appellate attorney with a highly distinctive commercial litigation practice. He is the founder of Sam P. Israel, P.C., a select five lawyer boutique litigation practice headquartered in New York City’s financial district. Mr. Israel’s practice covers a wide range of subjects, including art, intellectual property, corporate and contractual disputes, securities, employment, insolvency and restructuring litigation, and corporate and transactional matters; in industries of equal diversity, including investment, financial and hedge fund concerns, real property, restaurant services, arts and photography, and alternative energy. His clients span modest to multi-national corporations, to prominent artists and filmmakers, among them Ramius LLC, Arena Investors, LP / Lantern Endowment Partners, North Mill Capital Investors, LLC, and Dr. William Fung (managing director of PI Asset Management.)

Among his recent victories in art cases, Mr. Israel secured a multi-million dollar award against a major New York art gallery, winning on claims for contractual breach, conversion, and breaches of fiduciary duties.

Mr. Israel is knowledgeable in art law, handling cases including claims of conversion, issues of authentication, and other contractual matters specific to the acquisition, retention, sale and disposition of fine art with success. Mr. Israel has considerable experience in litigating the fairness and legitimacy of sales based upon the state of domestic and international art markets and circumstances surrounding the particular transactions in question. The scope of Mr. Israel’s representation history is broad and he regularly serves as counsel in art-related cases in the copyright, fiduciary, commercial, and estate-administration contexts. Among his clients are individual artists and their estates, investors, hedge funds, art dealers, experts, and collectors.

Beyond litigation, Mr. Israel regularly advises clients on their legal rights and liabilities in the art market. Mr. Israel knows that purchasing and selling fine art often raises questions of title, authenticity, and liability, as well as the form and substance of the written agreements governing transactions in fine art. Propelled by a history of litigation involving art law, Mr. Israel advises clients on a wide range of issues that may arise in the 21st Century art market


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