Chalk bags, finger baths & kombucha benders (with guest Nick Capper)


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The Ash Williams Show is back baby with special guest Nick Capper! This episode discusses bouldering, horizontal stuff, overhangs, building up finger strength, finger bath, vietnamese coffee, soda water vs sparkling water, carbon dioxide, colonics, XXXX, burning calories with headlocks, party ideas, rent a crowd, hypothetical house parties, door knocking landlords, chalk bags, pitches from Joan, windscreen wipers, half push ups, gym meetings, auditions, DJ in a limousine, jaffles, cotton farm cash, newsagency deals, sliding door porn, podcast phone, texts, @capperflapper show deals, industrial sewing machine, Jon Stevens, Bondi, gold tips, bracelets. Colonic coming next episode! For more updates follow @AshWilliams1 or @AshWilliamsShow on social media. Call the hotline on 0406 284 954 and leave a voicemail. Email enquiries and founding sponsor enquiries to
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