[492] Fun With Moderately Realistic End-of-Season Scenarios


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This week on Assembly Call Radio we discuss what Indiana needs to do to complete a season sweep of Michigan State, asses the tournament implications (NIT and NCAA) of various end-of-season scenarios, and then discuss which players we feel most confident in as future building blocks of the program. On the mics: Jerod, Andy, and Coach. • [00:28] In Segment One, Jerod leads off with his Banner Moment highlighting the impact of Race Thompson versus Wisconsin. Then Andy and Coach give their opening statement, we talk a little Comfort Option, thank Kent Sterling, and dive into the keys to victory against Michigan State. • [20:10] In Segment Two, you get to hear another hilarious sound byte of Ryan not understanding how this show works (after 8 years). Then we answer a question about what Indiana needs to do from here on out to consider this end-of-season stretch a success, and we assess the tournament implications of the various end-of-season scenarios. • [35:50] In Segment Three, we each provide the three players that we feel most confident in as building blocks for the future. No suspense: we all picked Rob Phinisee. What's interesting is that -- without planning to do so -- we each picked different guys for the other two. That's a good sign for the future ... right? • [49:30] In Segment Four, we answer an important question from a new IU father. And then stick around for Segment Five, because we talk about most hated Big Ten players of all time. All of that and more on this week's edition of Assembly Call Radio. (Music provided by Bob Thompson -- die-hard Hoosier fan and longtime Assembly Call listener.) Want a better night’s sleep? Then it may be time for a new mattress … in which case our friends (and sponsors) at Comfort Option have you covered. Comfort Option is an Indiana-based mattress manufacturer that is backed by over 65 years of experience. And they are family-owned and operated by 3rd generation graduates of IU. For residents of Indianapolis (and the surrounding areas — including Bloomington), Comfort Option offers the only mattress that is customized and manufactured just for you, literally right at your home. In other words, they don’t sell what they have, they make what you need. And you never have to leave your house. Even if you’re not in the area, you can still order Alpha by Comfort Option — a designer-quality, durable, transparently-made, and exceptionally comfortable mattress. It ships direct from their factory to your doorstep nationwide. Use the promo code ASSEMBLY for any mattress purchase and you will receive $50 off your purchase. To learn more, visit comfortoption.com.

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