NBA (like) a bull in a china shop


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In this week's Point of Contention Marcus Thompson and Jay King debate! Hosted by Zach Harper -- Produced by Jade Hoye -- Written by All

Take 1: Tonight’s the nite! That’s right, it’s finally time for the 2021 NBA Draft tonight at 8pm ET. Who’s rising, who is falling? Will the Pistons hold fast and take the great Case Cunningham at #1?

Take 2: Team USA back on track? Hell Ya! Team USA got their Olympics back on track with a 120-66 blowout win over Iran? ..........Wait........Who writes this stuff Daryl?

Take 3: It’s Tampering SZN Baby! Free agency doesn't “officially” start until Aug. 2, but we already know from past years, negotiations are already well underway. If only the NBA treated Tampering as thoroughly and stringent as it does INSTANT JAVY REPLAY at the end of games!

Take 4: Play In....Play Out...Who Cares?? [I am] Here to Stay! The NBA's play-in tournament is back for at least one more season. Adam Silver says: "We'll show you poor teams how to win!" {add fart noise] -- (Fart Noise)

Take 5: New Rules! The NBA LOVES new rules that it never follows! Adam Silver says "But we wear nice suits! and know how to dap!" ..........ya cool!


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