How to Make Tough Decisions and Thrive with Emerald Green Forest


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Emerald Green Forest is a breath of fresh air. Her strength and optimism never hint at the abuse she's experienced in her lifetime. She's a successful businesswoman, coach, podcast host, who's on a mission to be a positive influence in this world.

She shares her story of transformation from successful business person, to divorced single mom with a teen who was out of control. That story took a dramatic turn that shaped her current name and living a life of intention and deep purpose.

Her Men on Purpose podcast is quickly gaining a worldwide audience and shining the spotlight on men who are making a difference for the soul purpose of making a difference - it's not about money. How refreshing!

We discuss her new podcast, the men she features, the hope-inducing quality of listening to and meeting these high-quality men, and how it's another form of therapy for those who've given up on relationships or who've subscribed to the thought that there are "no good men."

Note: we go deep in this episode and touch on drug abuse, emotional abuse, mindset, intention, and the benefit of a spiritual ceremony.

Mentioned in this episode...

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The Men on Purpose Podcast - Celebrating the men who are the clear and courageous committed changemakers around the world

Freebie to find Clarity - Clarity is Divinity. Avoid being "spun". 8-minute meditation

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