Lindsey Ellison on Healing and Thriving After Emotional Abuse


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Lindsey Ellison: Shares her story of evolving in a young marriage. Tuning into her sense that things were not okay and yearning for a more loving and fulfilling life. She's achieved that and more, creating a life by design where she helps others learn from her struggles and years as a student of self help. What you'll learn in this episode:

- What it means to have a relationship with a narcissist. - What emotional abuse looks like.

- The relationship between co-dependence and narcissism.

- The connection between childhood and the choices we make in relationships. - Healing and how it allowed Lindsey to meet a healthy partner and remarry. - How we have the power to change ourselves. Why it's important to recognize that and focus on our power vs. giving power to an abusive partner or ex-partner. Lindsey Ellison on Twitter @StartOverCoach Lindsey's website: Start Over. Find Happiness. Lindsey's podcast: See more episodes and learn about The Audacious Life:

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