Mini Retreats and Self-Care to Nourish Mamas with Melissa Mueller-Douglas


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Melissa Mueller-Douglas, LMSW is the founder and facilitator of MYRetreat: The 90 Minute Women's Retreat to reconnect with your purpose in life by embracing your authentic self. Melissa strives for a lifestyle balanced in good nutrition, meaningful connections, and creativity.

Melissa completely understands how hard it can be to focus on yourself when kids, work, and your to-do list don’t make it easy to prioritize self-care. However, she believes in the power of mindfulness and gratitude to nurture our authentic selves, and strengthen our bonds with those we love. That’s why she designed Self-Care for Mama Bear, to walk alongside you as we set our intention to live a life of purpose and pleasure.

To take part in MYRetreat’s virtual experience, visit

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