Recovering from a Crash and Burn as a High Achiever


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In this episode, I interview Trivinia Barber, entrepreneur, mother of four, recovering high achiever and people-pleaser. Trivinia's rise from working mom to entrepreneur and founder of Priority VA was fast. Thrust into success and the spotlight with high profile clients on her roster, the pressure created a manic schedule resulting in a serious crash and burn.

Trivinia shares what happened to her that day and her ongoing recovery.

What we discuss in this episode...

- Meeting through Todd Herman's 90-Day Year - Her transition from working mother to starting her VA business - Her exposure to high profile clients like Amy Porterfield - The 14-17 hour days that took over - Her wake up call - Realigning her life with her values and desires - Her crash and burn - The drive to be the "responsible girl" - Her daily practice to keep centered - The impact our habits have on our children - Willpower Doesn't Work by Benjamin Hardy - Working from home - the pros and cons - The real pressure of entrepreneurism - The rise of suicide in entrepreneurs - Working from home as a VA and mom. - The remote workforce why she's drawn to it - Creating the life you want by design - The joy of random acts of kindness - Her Diary of a Doer podcast - Format of her podcast and her plans for it - Keeping it real online and transparency - Encouraging people not to do it alone - Find a tribe, find a community, friend, mentor, church - Jayson Gaignard Community Made podcast

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